Pastor Barry Thornley
Barry and Julie Thornley. Hi there.
Please, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Barry Thornley.  I have been in full time ministry since 1982 and have experienced many wonderful things in God.

In 2003 God moved in our Church at Echuca and we have never been the same. We had begun the New Year in a time of prayer and fasting, looking for more of God, when suddenly it happened – God began to cause tangible manifestations to appear in our meetings that proved we were in His presence.

Excitement and Expectation
Oil and Diamonds on hands Two substances began to frequently appear. One substance was like tiny gold flakes. The second substance was like oil appearing on people’s hands. (The oil continued to appear even after people have wiped their hands dry.)

Of course, the Church became alive with excitement and  expectation. People started to arrive from far and wide. We soon outgrew the little old building, moved to a new building and, even to this day, the manifestations continue to appear and people continue to come.

And Still Happens Today
What God began in early 2003 persists in our meetings today. God causes these manifestations to occur consistently in all of our meetings – accompanied with wonderful healings, salvations and lives that are changed. (Read more here.)

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